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Marti Dodge – Founder and Owner

From Gardening to Sculpture – An Organic Approach to Art and Life

aboutMartiPhotoMarti Dodge, Kansas City native and free-spirited citizen of the art world, graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in the 70s, helping pioneer the photography program at the time. Since then, she has traveled extensively, living throughout the world where she accumulated the knowledge and insights necessary to comprehend and sculpt visions – from a client or her own – into a vibrant and tangible work of art.

Marti studied coppersmithing in the late 90s, creating arbors, decorative fencing and bamboo-like gates for clients. Although open to other forms of expression, she currently works in steel and copper. She has been known to create “humming-bird” gates, as well as design matching porch swings, and decorative pieces, all out of steel and copper, and all delightfully colored to match the mood of the setting or place.

Bringing Beauty to Life

Professionally, Marti is no slouch at matching artistic visions with real-life beauty. Her 17 years as the owner of a successful landscaping business helped hone her eye for natural beauty, a talent she carries into her metal work.

It was while running her landscaping business that she first had the opportunity at her artist brother’s studio to wield a hand-held plasma cutter for art. As she started to shape a Heron, she realized it was love at first spark. After showing her work to a friend, she had her first metal work order for two then an extra three Herons – giving her the name, and guiding principal, for her new business.

“If the art I create can make you want to come in your front door, I’ve done my job.”

Marti Dodge – Founder and Owner   |   3Herons Metalworks

Revealing Your Vision

Since then, Marti has helped clients all over the nation realize their artistic vision through her metal work. Her commissions have included a Heron gate, custom hand-railing that feature whales and a Native American motif, garden gates with outdoor scenes, hummingbird designs, and many more custom pieces.

heronThe thing Marti enjoys most is helping her new client-friends realize their own creativity, drawing it out in their words and then bringing that vision to life through a metal form.

Let Marti bring your vision to beautiful realization in your garden, home or workplace. Call her today to discuss the possibilities. Consultations are free, and she’s never turned away an opportunity for a good conversation whether it be landscape ideas or art.